18 November 2016

The Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa finals were held yesterday at Thika Road Mall Convention Centre. The annual charity beauty pageant featured students dressed up in grace and glamour all in an attempt to look perfect for the red carpet.

 Jamal Gaddafi was also in the house! (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)



The event featured various categories by designers  who displayed their creativity by dressing up the contestants with their eye-catching designs.

 The newly crowned Mr. USIU-Africa 1st runners up Ziri during the event (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)


 The MCs of the night were The Peter Swaka, Elodie and Wise . For the first time I can confidently say that this was the best combination of MCs who kept the crowd active and screaming at their favorite contestants. Big up to MC Swaka who is arguably the best MC in USIU-Africa. His mix of humor, exuberance and rapport with the audience won him over and as a result, the crowd was treated to a decent event proceedings. Cheers to the committee for this ingenious pick.

 MC Swaka  in action during the event proceedings (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)

Other highlights of the event were the contestant’s talent performance that was top notch. The contestants danced the night away and kept the crowd entertained. The contestants also had a group dance led by the choreographer Chika who introduced the act with a memorable performance.


 Elvis Who in his acoustic action (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)


The guest artist of the night was none other than Kenyan US- based lyrical genius Nyashinski, who entertained the crowd with some cool throwback jams such as “Swing Swing”, “Tuendelee” and “BadBoy” featuring Amani. He proceeded to perform his recent tracks that have been on heavy rotation on radio stations; “Mungu Pekee” and “Now you Know”. He is clearly the OG of Kenyan Hip Hop.


 Nyashinski  entertains the crowd with his new single “Mungu Pekee” (All rights reserved Photographer : Steve Wachira)


And of course the moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived. The new crown holders are David and Nneka. One interesting point is that Nigerians have been featuring on the winners list since 2014.  Something to ponder about??. Here are the rest of the spoils were shared;

Most outstanding Contestant- Fred

Mr. Congeniality- Simon

Miss Congeniality-Damaris

Miss Community  Service-Elizabeth

Mr. Community Service- Jamal

Miss Talent- Vivian

Mr Talent- Glenn Seguya

Miss USIU-Africa 2nd Runners up- Daphne

Mr. USIU-Africa 2nd Runners up- Ken

Mr. USIU-Africa 1st Runners up- Ziri

Miss USIU-Africa 1st Runners up- Barbara

And of course the new Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa , David Mbehi & Nneka!! Congratulations!!!!