30 October 2016

The Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa prejudging went down on 27th October 2016 in the auditorium. The event started off late as usual even as the auditorium grew full of anxious students waiting to see the contestants. The auditorium sound was poorly set up not to mention some inaudible MCs whose attempt to keep the crowd engaged was met by a resounding silence. However, they managed to get themselves on track and they held it down quite decently for the rest of the night. Shout out to Mc Wise, Mohammed and Mc Swaka who kept the crowd hyped throughout the night. The DJ made sure the crowd was kept upbeat with some of the greatest throwback jams and current club bangers.

Some of the scenes from the event (photography by Moseti Micah. All rights reserved)



All in all, the contestants did well; from their introductory walk to their talent showcase to their dance performance. Congratulations to the contestants who proceed to the next level.  Some talents were a bit out of the normal as the audience was treated to a chemical reaction experiment and it was not really clear what the talent was.


Current Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa 2nd runners up Obinna Okwor and Chaxelle Wendy pose for a photo (photography by Moseti Micah. All rights reserved)

Check out the photos from the event and watch out for the Road to Mr. and Miss 2016(RTMM 2016) video that drops next week.!!!! Keep it USIwho for updates on the main event!!