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Jan 09, 2017 Written by Elvis Jonyo
Freshmen 2017, welcome to campus! Here is to greater heights and epic moments. Keep it USIwho for th...

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Jun 12, 2017 Written by USIwho
As highly anticipated and advertised, the frequency ‘reggae ‘ edition went down on Wednesday 7th Jun...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, 2016 is almost wrapping up and it deserves a standing ovation. What a year it has been. A year that has proved that anything can happen. From Brexit to Trump, the year was full of highs and lows but we made it. If the year sucked for you, don’t fret, 2017 will make it better. If 2016 had you jovial and full of life, Mazel Tov!

Aside the glitz and glamour, 2016 has also been a year of interesting, queer behaviors especially in the campus scene.  People are still struggling with accents from a DSTV subscription. Writing properly remains an uphill task. We have more PhDs in liquor identification than education or art. Every time we look up CX, it must always be with cross eyes because the heart break that awaits you is unfathomable. The list is long and I might as well start. These are the things you ought to live in 2016.

1.      Inviting people to a party and making them pay for their foods/drinks.

This has got to be the worst form of hospitality ever. It’s your birthday, you invite your friends (the real friends are probably three) the rest are acquaintances or people who just happen to have seen your face somewhere. They dine and wine the night away. Then all over sudden they are told to pay up. Not cool. If you did this, then the fire in hell is eating roasted maize with a touch of lemon and chilli in anticipation.  It doesn’t hurt to inform prior to the material day that drinks and food are for sale. You end up giving an idea that you are the perfect host when in the real sense, you just have bartender capabilities.



2.      Mannequin Challenge

It’s a done deal let’s keep it moving.


3.       So everyone is a Youtuber Now!!


I have the utmost respect for the aforementioned group but let’s just be real. Some African Youtubers are hilarious, witty and can keep you entertained. Others however are a complete waste to time and resources. The poorly edited videos with the wind dominant in the background, the lack of content, the poor lighting, should I continue?  Please honey, go back to Maya Angelou quotes on Instagram accompanied with a picture of you looking at the sunset. It is tolerable. Move on.



4.      The action/word Dab, Lit, and friends who did not offer you food.


5.      The Dog Filter on Snapchat. My goodness. Aisha Khan, are you listening?


6.      Overly stated feminism. (I will not even start here).

7.      Sitting in the cafeteria for 3 hours while still on the same bottle of Soda. (Life can be tough eh? Go hide in the library).

8.      Jumping the cafeteria queue as if the rest are on a Mannequin Challenge.

9.      Campus Awards. This is a complete waste of time and resources.



The list is never complete. Keep filling it up in the comment section. From us at USIwho we thank you for your continued support and readership. Happy New Year 2017!!!




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Point of note this article is for all the fallen brothers out there who wake up daily in the friend zone and literally keep building and planning its interior décor with the...

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So, a few Thursdays back, Party Nation decided to throw this ‘free alcohol’ thing at Bottoms Up which you obviously attended with your boys probably to teach yourselves another ‘pombe sio supu’ lesson. So you get there and...

Tagged in: Campus SideChick
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This is for that average person who has reasonable struggles and worries; having brown teeth that is as a result of the environs that you grew up in, thinking you are overweight so you decide to have an all fruit diet

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For 23 year old Denver Ochieng, popularly known as Dj No ID, his love for music started when he was young but his passion for deejaying... Hezron Maloti, also 23 started his career around the same time as Deejay No ID. Hezron goes by Dj Niche when he’s behind the...

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